The Journey of Prophet Musa A.S

The Journey of Prophet Musa A.S

Sr. Haniya wrote:

 18:63 – لَقَدْ لَقِينَا مِن سَفَرِنَا هَـٰذَا نَصَبًا

Indeed we have met in this journey of ours great difficulty.

The normal sentence construction would be a fi’l, followed by faail, maf’ool and muta’alliq bil fi’l. In the above ayat the muta’alliq is brought forward before the maf’ool for emphasis.

The journey mentioned in the ayat is Musa AS’s journey in search of Alkhidr.

We come across many of Musa AS’s journeys in the Quran:

  1. To Fir’aun’s Palace in a box
  2. To Madyan
  3. Back to Misr with family
  4. Travelling to the promised land
  5. To Mt Thoor to receive the Torah
  6. The journey in search of AL Khidr

All these journeys were difficult but why is journey this mentioned in Surah Kahf as ‘especially difficult’.

This journey is not like any other journey. It’s difficult because of the PURPOSE behind the journey. This is a journey made TO SEEK KNOWLEDGE. The path to knowledge is difficult. It’s not easy – it needs hard work and patience and sacrifice.

So this journey is mentioned in the Quran as ‘especially ‘ difficult.

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